Hewas born in March 13 ,1960 in Buenos Aires,Argentina.
Started to play professionally in 1974 with a trio, Matías Gonzalez (double bass), and Mario Montiel (drums)
Then plays with different local rock and jazz musicians as Mono Fontana, Lito Epumer, Pedro Aznar, Celeste Carballo, Ruben Rada among others.
  • In 1979 he plays with The group "Raíces" with Beto Satragni.
  • In 1982 starts to play with Dino Saluzzi´s Quartet and starts an international tour playing in Jazz Festivals in Berlin, Cologne, Zurich and other cities in Germany and Switzerland. With Saluzzi he has recorded two albums in Argentina.
  • In 1984 with Matías González and Horacio López he creates Alfombra Mágica (trio) and participates of different events playing together with Manolo Juarez, Jorge Cumbo, Enrico Rava, Gustavo Bergalli, Bernardo Baraj, Juan Barrueco, Osvaldo Fattorusso, Chango Farías Gómez and others.
  • In 1986 he starts playing with César Franov whith whom he records his first L.P.edited by Litto Nebbia for Melopea.
  • In 1987 plays as soloist and with different musicians as guests.
  • In 1990 starts playing in Pablo Ziegler´s Quartet.
  • He then travels to Germany where he plays with a group "Sinesi and Friends"
  • He records two CD´s with Pablo Ziegler: "Asphalt" and "Quintet for New Tango" and toured with him several places like Greece,Italy, England, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia and Brazil.
  • In April 2000 tours by Europe with the New Tango Duo with Pablo Ziegler(piano) and Walter Castro (bandoneon) as a guest . Then plays in the Lapataia Festival in Punta Del Este (Uruguay) with Ziegler´s Quintet.
  • In April 2001 tours again with Ziegler by different Countries in Europe as Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg etc..